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Address: 497 Main Road
Hudson, Quebec
J0P 1H0

Office: (450)-202-1092
Toll Free: 1-888-238-1929
Fax: 1-888-455-1924

Your MHS Team: Western Canada.

  [778] 241 8932

Dan McArthur, BBA

MHS Distributor: Western Canada

Dan joined the team at MHS in the summer of 2013 for the purpose of taking the MHS platform to Western Canada and the Northwestern USA.

In University Dan studied Finance and Economics. This required him to develop and in-depth understanding of Calculus, Statistics, and linear programming. He has seen first hand how important a strong base in Math is to ensure success in University and in life.

He is a big believer in education. He currently volunteers at his alma mater the University of the Fraser Valley where he sits as a committee chair on the board of alumni.

When he’s not hard at work Dan enjoys all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Skiing, Golfing, Hiking, Cycling, and Scuba Diving are all things he’s crazy about.

Dan is committed to both the continual improvement of the MHS system as well as providing exemplary support to the teachers and students implementing MHS in Western Canada and the Northwestern USA.

  [778] 389 4005

Mike Solyom, MA, BA [Hons.]

MHS Curriculum Specialist: Western Canada

Mike joined the MHS team in 2013 and brings with him years of teaching experience at the post-secondary level. As the North Western Curriculum Specialist, Mike will be your go-to guy for continually improving MHS content. Mike earned his M.A. at the University of Toronto and teaches Statistics and Economics at Simon Fraser University and the University of the Fraser Valley. He has traveled extensively across North America, Europe, and recently enjoyed a trip to Africa with his fiancée.

Your MHS Team: Quebec.

  [514] 774 7395

Wayne Baird, Bcomm

MHS Distributor: Quebec

After graduating from Concordia University Wayne spent the next 30+ years in various senior roles in technology companies. His strongest skills are in team building, market research and the customer support.

Wayne joined the team at Math Help Services because he felt he could make a difference. Wayne understood how important math was in his career and wanted to provide the necessary tools to help young people develop their math skills. He ardently believes that without a fundamental understanding of Mathematics a young person's future is compromised.

  [514] 622 5246

Jon Dambrosio, BA, M.Ed

MHS Distributor: Quebec

After graduating from Ottawa University with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education, Jon worked for 6 years as a teacher in the Lester B. Pearson school board. An avid math enthusiast among other things, he is passionate about student success and strongly invested in helping schools best utilize the opportunities of the digital age.

Having seen the benefits of implementing the Math-Help-Services program extensively with his own students, over the course of two years, Jon decided to join the MHS team as a product specialist. He now works with Math teachers all over Quebec, training teachers and students on how to best implement the system. He also provides in-school presentations for schools interested in MHS. He currently provides support to over 50 schools in eastern Canada.

Your MHS Team: Maritimes Distributor.

  [506] 878 3348

Peter Hess, Bcomm, MBA

MHS Distributor: Maritimes Distributor

Peter is a graduate of Mount Allison University where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is also a graduate of the Krannert Graduate School of Business at Purdue University where he earned his Masters of Business Administration. Peter has over 25 years of broad business experience with large and small companies from Vancouver, BC to Moline, IL and Atlanta, GA and now back in Atlantic Canada where he and his wife Tanya are busy raising their family.

Peter joined MHS after learning what the system can do for his own school aged children. Peter is very passionate about providing his children with the best opportunities to excel in School and in life. He believes strongly that MHS is able to assist his children to excel in math which is believed to be one of the cornerstone skill sets which can lead to a prosperous life. Being able to bring this tool to other children in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia so they too can benefit is very rewarding for Peter allowing him to play a small part in improving the future potential of the region he grew up in.

  [506] 588 7491

Ross Williams, BA, MBA

MHS Distributor: Maritimes Distributor

Ross graduated with a BA (Hons) from Queen's University and earned his MBA from the University of Southern Queensland with a specialty in Personal Finance and Project Management. From owning his own business in Vancouver, studying in Dubai, to paying for university in part through trading in the stock markets, Ross understands the value of a solid foundation in mathematics.

Ross joined MHS after quickly realizing the benefits this online teaching tool can bring to mathematics education. As the father of three school aged children who now look forward to a math class using the system themselves, Ross is eager to demonstrate what MHS can do to help students in the Maritimes.

  [416] 566 2197

Ewa Kasinska, OCT (MSc Mathematics EQUIV)

MHS Curriculum Specialist

Ewa is an enthusiastic and devoted Ontario Certified Teacher, in the area of Intermediate and Senior Mathematics. After 26 years of active classroom experience and 5 years as vice-principal and principal of a private school, she is now focusing on private tutoring and curriculum consulting. Ewa's extensive work with students helping them boost their confidence in the subject, become high achievers in mathematics competitions, or overcome math related anxieties has lead her to believe that Math Help Services provides a tool which provides benefits to each individual.

Proficient with the Ministry of Education and Board guidelines with regard to curriculum as well as current assessment and evaluation policies, Ewa joined the Math Help Services team to align their product content with Ontario requirements. She is one of the lead authors of the interactive Ontario workbooks supporting the software for each grade level.

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